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Deal like a pro with #Hashtags and @Users.
Buy hot stock before anyone else and make a huge profit. Have fun!

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About TwibEX — the Tweet Stock Exchange

TwibEx is a stock exchange simulation where you can deal with Twitter's #hashtags and @user-mentions.

Unlike real-world's stock exchanges like the New York Stock Exchange or NASDAQ, no real money is involved at TwibEX, we're playing here just for fun. Hey, insider trading is officially allowed :-)

The goal is to buy cheap and sell high to maximize your profits and rank in the Top Users highscore.

TwibEX is all about Twitter Tweets and you need to sign up with Twitter to join TwibEX, but TwibEX is not affiliated with Twitter.

Tips & Tricks

  • TwibEX continuously values #hashtags and @users appearing in the Twitter timeline and calculates a ticker price.
  • Without setting a limit, you'll buy (or sell) stock slightly above (below) the current published price.
  • Setting a limit will cause your order to be delayed until your limit is met by either the ticker price or another user setting the limit.
  • Delayed orders may fail if funds or stock in insuficcient at the time of order execution.
  • Buying or selling influences the ticker price.

Questions or Suggestions?

Just send us a Tweet, if anything does or doesn't work.


  • TwibEX is created and maintained by NetzNutz GmbH, Mahlow, Germany. Direct contact: info@netznutz.net
  • Usage terms of TwibEX are governed by the laws of Germany.
  • NetzNutz uses TwibEX as a trademark.
  • TwibEX content, design and idea Copyright © 2013 by NetzNutz GmbH, Mahlow, Germany.


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